Greenlet unveils its Centralized IoT solution in a recent Internet-of-Things event organized by Bezeq and IKEA

July 27, 2015

Bezeq, Israel’s leading telco, invited Greenlet to present its IoT solution at Bezeq and IKEA IoT & Smart home center.

“We see an increasing interest in Greenlet’s software as a centralized IoT solution”, says Ran Vishnievsky, Greenlet’s support manager. “Greenlet’s system allows telco companies, security companies, utilities and other organizations to easily connect to millions of “Things”, sensors and controllers to a control center.

Greenlet’s Ran Vishnievsky and Yifat Zeevi at Bezeq & IKEA IoT exhibition center

Our management application serves as a generic IoT software which can monitor and control any internet-connected sensors and controllers, from a control center. The sensors’ measurements are processed, stored and presented, and allow us to efficiently control the network of things. Our advanced pattern recognition algorithms (including US patent 8290635) can automatically recognize appliance types, detect anomalies or certain behavior patterns, based on the sensors’ measurements, and then the system can control things in a differentiated way”.

“In parallel we also allow customers to monitor and control the things via web portal, mobile app and weekly emails. While our original application was Demand Response and Smart Grid, we see many new target applications such as cyber-security sensors, smart city, environment sensors.”

Bezeq and IKEA has constructed a building in which IoT and smart home products can be viewed, in cooperation with startups in the field. During the event Greenlet introduced its IoT solution, together with other IoT vendors.

“While many companies focus on the hardware for the IoT ‘things’ – we focus on the control software, and add more companies to our portfolio of IoT vendors” says Ran.

Greenlet’s IoT software for home appliances