Greenlet Technologies and Viridity Energy partner at Philadelphia’s Navy Yard to Demonstrate Smart Energy in Action

January 16, 2014

Philadelphia, PA — The Navy Yard, a dynamic and sustainability-focused urban development in the heart of the Philadelphia region, is demonstrating the smart grid in action through a collaborative effort between Israel-based Greenlet Technologies and Philadelphia-based Viridity Energy. This unique partnership was enabled through funding from the Bi-National Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation, whose mission is to stimulate, promote and support industrial research and development of mutual benefit to the United States and Israel.

The BIRD Foundation was intrigued by the opportunity to bring two smart grid companies together from different countries to test out a global solution for consumer energy demand. The equation was simple—take two innovative companies, one from Israel and one from the United States—and integrate their technology to create one live, demonstrable solution at a customer dedicated to sustainability. With Greenlet Technologies, Viridity Energy and The Navy Yard, all elements came together to formulate a successful project.

“When we examined the solutions at Greenlet Technologies and Viridity Energy, we recognized that bringing their separate solutions together would create new value for the energy consumer,” said Dr. Ron Maron of The BIRD Foundation. “By leveraging Greenlet’s appliance-level energy management system and integrating that system with Viridity Energy’s VPower™ optimization technology, we were able to demonstrate an effective new solution at Philadelphia’s Navy Yard campus.”

Greenlet Technologies allows electric utilities and Energy Service Companies to quickly connect millions of pluggable appliances in homes and buildings to a control center, control and monitor the appliances remotely and reduce energy. The system combines software for control centers with a simple plug & play kit for consumers including several “smart plug” GreenletTM units that automatically connect, monitor, and control individual appliances. Viridity’s VPower™ system provides a unique interface into the wholesale energy markets by optimizing the use of consumer energy assets and then enabling the most economic participation in demand response and energy markets. VPower™ connects to large loads in buildings, industrial complexes, and campuses, and then optimally schedules a site’s resources to provide load management services to commercial and industrial clients, institutions, government entities, and university campuses.

By integrating these two systems, Viridity can monitor and control a very large number of pluggable appliances in commercial buildings and campuses such as window air conditioning units, water fountains, TVs, and projectors; help customers save money by reducing consumption and then optimizing the value of those available energy assets in the energy markets.

“When we needed to identify a pilot site to prove out this technology, the Philadelphia’s Navy Yard campus was an obvious choice,” said Mack Treece, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Viridity Energy. “Viridity Energy’s goal is to empower energy customers through our VPower™ software to make smart decisions with regards to their energy consumption based on economics and business objectives. This joint solution with Greenlet Technologies at The Navy Yard demonstrates the economic potential and feasibility of active demand response strategies.”

“Our goals are to increase consumer awareness on power consumption, help consumers identify inefficient electricity usage and give them simple and effective tools to promote additional savings through the control of many individual appliances,” said Yarden Albeck, Product Manager at Greenlet Technologies. “Through this joint solution with Viridity Energy, we are demonstrating how commercial consumers can take a step beyond savings and into revenue generation. We look forward to ongoing collaboration with U.S. companies, through the partnership with Viridity, to foster growth in this market.”

Philadelphia’s Navy Yard continues to play a central role in Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter’s commitment to make Philadelphia America’s Greenest City. That commitment was furthered through this demonstration project.

“The Navy Yard is dedicated to providing the companies on our campus with a sustainable operational environment,” said Will Agate, Senior Vice President, Navy Yard Management and Development for PIDC (Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation), the master developer of The Navy Yard. “This pilot project supports our overall Energy Master Plan objectives and our overall goal to make Philadelphia America’s Greenest City. We look forward to continuing to work with Viridity Energy and Greenlet Technologies on this smart energy platform.”


About the BIRD Foundation: BIRD is an acronym for Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development. The BIRD Foundation's mission is to stimulate, promote and support industrial R&D of mutual benefit to the U.S. and Israel. Our activities include matchmaking services between Israeli and American companies in the field of Research and Development. BIRD takes no equity in the joint projects and all our services are free of charge.The BIRD Foundation was established by the U.S. and Israeli governments in 1977 to generate mutually beneficial cooperation between the private sectors of the U.S. and Israeli high tech industries, including start-ups and established organizations. BIRD provides both matchmaking services between U.S. and Israeli companies, as well as funding covering up to 50 percent of project development and product commercialization costs.

About Viridity Energy: Viridity Energy’s innovative energy optimization technology solutions are helping energy consumers take control of energy spend. Viridity Energy provides energy consumers with predictive optimization software to optimize energy assets with energy market products and existing supply-side commitments and positions. With the ability to forecast market power prices and optimize that value by factoring in the complexity of our client’s portfolio of assets, we enable our customers to seamlessly align their business operations in order to maximize their revenue potential and energy savings.

About Greenlet Technologies: To provide truly scalable energy control solutions for electricity utilities, energy service companies and end users through the development of enhanced software, algorithms, hardware and communication technologies. Our system helps utilities and aggregators to control power consumption during peak days and it allows consumers to receive a monetary refund for reducing power consumption. While energy is centrally managed and monitored from the utility control center; installation is based on simple and quick self-installation by consumers.

About The Navy Yard: The Navy Yard is a 1,200 acre, dynamic urban development, offering the Philadelphia region a unique and centrally-located business campus committed to smart energy innovation and sustainability.. The Navy Yard is home to more than 130 companies and 10,000 employees in the office, industrial/manufacturing, and research and development sectors, occupying 6.5 million square feet of real estate in a mix of historic and new high-performance and LEED® building construction. In its master developer role at The Navy Yard, PIDC manages all aspects of the property's management and development, including master planning, leasing, property management, infrastructure development, utility operation, and structuring development transactions.


Source: PR Newswire